Friday, August 28, 2009


Is this image real? Or just photoshop?
I came across this a couple months ago on Google. I think around May.
I guess its fake because Super ShinkenRed came out but real or not the guy who did this was really good.


Sorry I havent been making posts. I have been busy. I will try to make a new entry or 2 tomorrow. Or maybe after this.
I have a few ideas.
Oh, and Super Shinkenger ROCK!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The name

Well, I was working on names for a story I am working on. This was early last year. The character's name was Takeshi Shiba. To note, I havent broken any ground on the story its still all in my head. Late last year to January of this year ( I forgot when ), I got into thinking that the name Takeshi was too common. So, I thought of a new one. I wanted to keep Shiba in reference to Bleach and I wanted the first name to start with a T. So I got Takeru. Takeru Shiba. And this was a minimum of a month before the names of the Shinkenger came out. I started laughing when I saw ShinkenRed's name. Well, now I changed it but im not telling what it is because Toei might use it again.

To start things off................

I have had this on my mind for a while.

There was an episode of the cartoon "Johnny Test" entitled , "Johnny Test: Party Monster". In this episode Johnny drinks a serum that makes him cooler but after a while he became ugly. Look for yourself.I haven't completely watched Dekaranger, I know I should, but I have seen a pic of Commander Horus. And I remembered his counterpart in SPD, Commander Birdy. So that got me thinking......

Big Bird drinks this serum and becomes.....

the same class of alien as Commander Horus

after a while.....


I know. The face of Commander Birdy was well-crafted but Commander Horus is just BA.

That's all for now. Wait for the whole version of the Sentai VS's.