Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Super Sentai Vs disney's Power Ranger

I will redo my old Youtube projects. This time I will have more analysis of the VS's.

Hurricanger vs ninja storm

vs dino thunder

vs spd

vs mystic force

vs oo

vs jungle fury

To note:
This is old and it will be updated through the Sentai VS's i will do.

Shinkenger VS Kamen Rider Decade Final

Wow. This was an amazing crossover.
  • The whole "bomb crisis was funny". Takeru: "Its just a camera". Ryu: "No it aint".
  • The action scenes were very cool and finally Kuuga comes back again.
  • King Blade VS Gedou-Kamen Ride Blade. Nice fit.
  • The final attack was awsome. Takeru got BladeBlade and Tsukasa got Rekka DaiZanto. So now we see the swords are equal in size.
  • Too bad there is no second life. I wanted to see Tsukasa summon something to aid the Shinkenger. Like Castle Doran or Denliner. Or even to a special gattai. Doran Shinken-Oh, Den Shinken-Oh, or even DenDoran Shinken-Oh.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shinkenger VS Kamen Rider Decade part 2

This is Shinkenger ep 21. I does count in the crossover because there are scenes with Decade characters.

  • The first scene is of GedouEnd. Too bad he didnt do anything.
  • Tsukasa's interaction with the Kuroko was pretty funny, for me. At first, I thought that other Kuroko was Yuusuke.
  • The Jii's meet. I cant wait to see what happens next.
  • Narutaki was creepy. So he did this to every Main Rider in the worlds they passed. Well, we knew that but now we finally see it.

Note: I only reviewed the crossover not the whole ep. I might start doing ep reviews after the crossover is done.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shinkenger Vs Kamen Rider Decade part 1

Sorry for the late entry.

So here is what I think of the first part of the historic crossover.

  • Natsumi fears Tsukasa will disapear because Shinken no Sekai has no Riders. I am thinking she has developed feelings for him. I haven't seen her do her poke-neck thing in a while. We will just have to see.
  • The thief gets stolen from. Nice. He gets it from stealing all those other stuff, like the Orga belt.
  • Kotoha and Natsumi haven't met. Maybe next ep.
  • I love Takeru and Tsukasa's interaction. I was just as I expected.
  • It is interesting that the two Riders Kaito summoned were seafood themed. A crab and a stingray. Someone said that those are popular sushi dishes. I can thing of the crab as one but a stingray, I dont know.
  • Is it just me being forgetfull or is Genta is the first to kill one of Kaito's summons.
  • I wonder. Will Tsukasa, or Kaito, summon something to aid the Shinkenger in the second life battle.
  • Finally, GedouEnd was sick. And the GeouEnd Driver voice is very creepy.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Let's start simple

Alright. I want to talk about the highly anticipated event in Sentai/Kamen Rider history. That is their crossover. I haven't watch the first episode of it because it hasn't been subbed yet but I am so excited about it. This is going to be awesome. There are only two things that i can say because i haven't watched it.

  • Kaito wants to steal this worlds treasure, the OriGami. There is only a limited amount in Shinken no Sekai, i guess. Shinkenger is the current Sentai so I know they can't do this, but, if Kaito realy wants to get treasure why not go into Boukenger no Sekai.
  • Kanna Mori and Morita Suzuka sharing the stage. AWESOME!

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