Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shinkenger VS Kamen Rider Decade Final

Wow. This was an amazing crossover.
  • The whole "bomb crisis was funny". Takeru: "Its just a camera". Ryu: "No it aint".
  • The action scenes were very cool and finally Kuuga comes back again.
  • King Blade VS Gedou-Kamen Ride Blade. Nice fit.
  • The final attack was awsome. Takeru got BladeBlade and Tsukasa got Rekka DaiZanto. So now we see the swords are equal in size.
  • Too bad there is no second life. I wanted to see Tsukasa summon something to aid the Shinkenger. Like Castle Doran or Denliner. Or even to a special gattai. Doran Shinken-Oh, Den Shinken-Oh, or even DenDoran Shinken-Oh.