Friday, November 6, 2009

Top 5: Atsui Sentai Girls

What is Atsui? Look it up.
This is part 2 of my first wave of top 5's.
You know the drill.

Houka Ozu/Magi Pink
Ayumi Beppu

Not much to say. She was okay. She was part of my first sentai.

Mako Shiraishi/ShinkenPink
Rin Takanashi

Sorry fans but she isnt as Atsui to me. Sometimes she loks old.
Not like this pic, though.

Miu Suto/Go-onSilver
Yumi Sugimoto

I loved her character. I have a funny story about that I dont wanna go to.
She reminds me of 2 people...

This is the hard part. Who is going to be number 1? I will just do this.


Number one is:



You know, I will say number 2 first.



Haruka Suenaga/Sakura Nishihori, our BoukenPink
She was a great character.

That leaves one.

forget it.

The Number one Atsui Sentai Girl is Kinoshita Ayumi.
She is just perfect.

Next week I will do top 5 Badass Senshi.

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