Sunday, September 13, 2009

Asians in power rangers

This is a response to Sean Akizuki's post. (The part pertaining to racism).

This is going to be a 2-parter. First PR side then Sentai. (because I cant get the Sentai info i need in time)

Sean said that disney PR is racist towards Asians.
I agree.
He also said that Saban didnt do that. Saban made Asians the cool, smart and/or moral team member.
Here they all are:

Trini was iconic. One of the first ranger and the first Asian.
She was a good fighter and she was the "cool girl" character.
I was a big fan of her during the show.
Only bad thing is she reminds me of the "beach" that divorced my uncle.
Sean pointed out that Trini reminded him of Mika Koizumi
of Bioman. I didnt watch Bioman so I dont know.

Second black ranger and Asian ranger. First Male Asian ranger.
Oh boy. This guy was cool. No need to elaborate.
He replaced JDF as the best for me.

I liked Cassie. She was nice.
In a Sentai VS Saban Power rangers perspective (im not really going to make one),
she would win.
Too bad PJL doesnt have that much acting gigs now.

Kai was okay. I didnt like him sometimes. I forgot why.
He was a good fighter. Now that I think of it,
Kai was sorta like Hoji because he would often clash with
Leo for his brashness.

He was alot like Kai but I liked him better.
Like all of the Saban Asian Rangers,
Chad was a skilled fighter.

I didnt remember Lucas as much as the others
because PRTF was on during the first time I had cable
so I didnt watch TF much.
I do remember he was the cool guy.

Cam was okay. I hated Cyber-Cam.
He was smart and not the was disney makes Asians "smart".
I dont get the fact that he is obviously a ninja and
had ninja training but he is a "samurai ranger".

I just hated this guy. Stupid and bumbling. He was a lowly stuntman.
This is what disney thinks of us Asians.
I stopped at PROO 5 and is my last PR episode ever.
It was thanks to his guy.

( I didnt watch PRJF but this is from what I have read )
He is very stuck up and another stereotype like Dax.

This is disney's final season. Final Asian ranger.
I first saw them over at GKA times.
I knew right away something is going to be wrong.

I am quite offended by their characters.
First of all, they are twins that finish each others sentences.
(I dont have one but some times wish I has a twin sister)
(I have 2 friends that are twins. I count them as my little sisters. It is like Im Hiroto
and they are Miu (hey, one of them even acts like Miu).
Back to topic,
Gem and Gemma are so annoying, from what I perceive in what I have read.
They are trigger happy-ish, not very bright and like blowing things up.
I guess this is disney's final bash on Asians using pr.

Okay so part two will be analyzing white or part white Sentai warriors.
(This might take a while.)

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  1. If I'm to talk, Trini really reminded me too much of Mika Koizumi of Bioman.