Friday, September 18, 2009

No more. PERIOD

I am tried of fans how want Shinkenger made into trash.
Im not saying they cant hopeful but it is over.

disney closed down production in New Zealand.
Bandai has just closed the Power Ranger division.
Its over.
It proves that Disney is too racist to make Shinkenger.
Toei got the better of them.

But, what is a war without sacrifices.
Because it is the end, disney needs a cash cow equal or greater to
the moneymaking skills of Power Rangers. They eyed Warner Bros., their rival.
Warner Bros. has DC and DC's rival is
In my circle of friends, we all agree that Marvel is much stronger.
I guess disney thinks so, too.
They took Marvel.

But thats not all.
What else is a big cash cow for kiddies now....
The most popular anime in America, in this Decade.
Because Toonami is gone and Naruto Shippuden is being viewed online by stream,
disney took that too for their XD network.

I feel kinda guilty.
Even before I let Power Rangers for good,
I knew something was wrong with it and I knew the only way to stop it is
if Power Rangers ended and the only was to do that was to make a
Sentai that was too Japanese, or at least too Asian, for

I look back at it now and think,
"Did Marvel and Naruto have to be sacrificed?"

Let us not make the sacrifice in vain.


That seemed a bit too serious back there didnt it?

Here are some links before I bloged. When I was talking in Sean's blog
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