Sunday, October 4, 2009


I was checking on's main page and this entry caught my eye.
"DekaPink marries RedRacer", who is 14 years older. (My grandparents have an 18 year difference so the age difference isnt much of a shock)

I am/was shocked.One of the more kawaii sentai girls
marries one of the "unlikely" Reds

Im okay with it if they truely found love but I was rooting for her and Sen.
I am quoting this from TVnihon:

Yes guys, it looks like she's no longer available. Kikuchi Mika (25) is set to marry Kishi Yuuji (39) on December 4th. The event will be held at Tokyo Dome Hotel, the holy ground for Sentai events

When asked about marrying someone 14 years her senior, Kikuchi shyly said "He's a very serious and courageous, reliable person. He's very tall and manly."

They met in '07 when they worked together on Les Miserables. Kikuchi played Cosette while Kishi played Enjolras.

Oct 22nd last year, during the last show of Les Miserables, he asked her to marry him. Receiving the ring, Kikuchi said "it'd be nice if our family could play sentai"

Kishi's comment was "After 40 years, I finally have the ultimate partner. I plan to devote myself more to my work."

~End quote~

This will be a bad birthday present for my bro.

I hope this isnt a sign about Kinoshita.

I want her and Tomokazu Yoshida to be together.

Sean Akizuki also had an entry about this


  1. It's really cool to hear something like that.

  2. I agree with Kandou Erik. By the way, thanks for linking my version. I agree with you that Ayumi Kinoshita makes a great pair with Tomokazu Yoshida together.