Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Not Fair

No matter how much I love Shinkenger this fact bothers me.
Since I saw Super ShinkenRed and seeing that other senshi can use it,
I was waiting for Kotoha to get the chance.
Unfortunately, she hasn't and I'm disappointed.

Takeru has used it 4 time and had Hyper as a movie cross
Ryunosuke used it twice and the second time was a good chance for Kotoha to use it.
Mako used it twice
Chiaki used it once.

When will our super Kawaii senshi use it?


  1. you are totally right dude! when will we get to see super shinkenyellow! next episode will be about the complete formation of the mechas and after that who knows, chiaki and his 2nd try?

    i really want to see kotoha use the inroumaru! you know, i kinda like your blog especially your idea of your top 5. keep updating!

  2. Her time will come. I'm sure of it.

  3. well mako did not had a chance to use the reika gauzanto canon mode with takeru! we, mako fans did not complain about it!

    kotoha will have her chance hopefully soon, and i think it will be in an episode with her sister on it.